Government Spending & Waste

Every single year the government asserts its claim on the productive efforts of American workers and businesses by taxing their income, investments, and more then turns around and wastes BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on ridiculous things such as solar-powered beer and DOD-sanctioned bird-watching. The national debt is now approaching $20 TRILLION, and we haven’t had a balanced budget in decades. Yet politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to push their spending problem on the next generation.

It is time the American government takes a lesson from the American people. Families have to spend no more than what they make, what they bring in. This is the absolute core of common sense, the pinnacle of financial reason, and the basic standard we as a people MUST hold our over-bearing government to.

America’s Liberty Committee is committed to balancing the budget and putting an end to wasteful government spending across the board.


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