“FYI – It Happened Again”

“FYI – It Happened Again”

In another case of glaring lunacy the Department of Justice has been rewarding known sexual harassers with bonuses and new positions. It seems like the government’s idea of throwing money at its problems knows no bounds. Not only does this blatantly violate the Government’s zero tolerance policy, but it also brings to light an even larger problem: the supervisor of the division that was investigated admitted that bonuses and performance rewards are not reviewed. They simply send a list to HR and the funds get allocated. How is that for government efficiency?

This has been going on in this division since at least 2009 and several occurrences have been brushed off as “honest mistakes.” Well let’s call it what it is – groping, stalking, spying, and hacking are NOT “honest mistakes.” As these depraved senior attorneys get more government-paid bonuses and different titles, the victims get ignored and cast aside for fear of causing a big stir.

The government simply cannot allow these intolerable acts to go unnoticed, much less rewarded. An official audit of this specific division has been filed and America’s Liberty Committee will be watching to see what actions are taken to mediate these problems. Please join us in standing up against this absolutely abysmal injustice that is being overlooked by the very department designed to deal with justice in the first place.

One manager stated that what they do with these harassers is simply “passing the trash” from one department to another. But we don’t pass our trash around, do we? We send it to the dump.

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