Our Mission

America’s Liberty Committee is a non-profit grassroots lobbying organization designed to take on government overreach, government abuses, and government waste.

Over the last century, the massive expansion of bureaucracy, rules and regulations has led to a federal government that is intrusive, inefficient, and oppressive. When decent, well-meaning, law-abiding citizens cannot walk down the street for fear of breaking some obscure and unnecessary law, then the government is out-of-control.

With a staff that boasts decades of experience in the conservative public policy arena, America’s Liberty Committee utilizes time-proven techniques to generate grassroots pressure on politicians who have ignored their oath to the United States Constitution. In reducing the size and scope of our federal government, our goal is to return the power of liberty to the rightful owners: the American people.

332 W. Lee Highway #316
Warrenton, VA 20186